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Combining a background in corporate HR with my experience and passion for editorial work (including a copyediting certificate from the highly regarded program at UC San Diego), I can ensure your writing is smooth, clear, and error-free. For more than 15 years, I’ve been helping people refine their writing so their voice and message come through clearly. I respect your ideas and writing style while applying high editorial standards to present your work in the best possible light. I can make your message shine!

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Naomi is my best editor and invaluable. Her work is excellent, and I really rely on her skills, expertise, and gentle but wise editing hand. [She is] a consummate editor, with excellent attention to detail and a full repertoire of top-notch editorial skills. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any publishing house looking for an editor with the highest level of professional skills and experience, as well as to authors in need of various types of editing for their books, from comprehensive structural editing to proofreading.

— Patricia Lynn Morrison

I pride myself on my own copyediting skills, but I bow in awe before you! The job you did on our book is nothing short of remarkable, and I thank you for it.

— John Wiley Jr.

Naomi is dependable, hardworking, and efficient. She often returns projects early, even those that require extra time and effort. Naomi is easy to work with and is my first choice for copyediting.

— Lara Hahn

Naomi Burns provided expert assistance in tightening my manuscript for publication by Ohio University Press. Without her detailed and methodical review, the quality of my prose and my arguments would have needlessly suffered.

— Edward J. Roach

I worked with Naomi on an edited volume, so she was responsible for reviewing a dozen chapters written by different authors (with very different styles and writing quality). Throughout the entire process Naomi was prompt, professional, and provided high-quality work. She stuck to all of the deadlines, provided extremely valuable copyediting, and was amenable to feedback and suggestions. I would definitely work with her again!

— Dr. Jessica Nicklin

How it it Works

Use the contact form for your initial inquiry. I’ll then ask you to send details and your document for a free estimate.

If you decide to use Copy Cat Editing, I’ll send you a sample of your edited work for approval before editing the entire document.

Upon completion, you’ll receive two files: one showing the changes tracked and one clean copy with all edits incorporated.









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Copyediting Sample

You know what you want to say—now you need to ensure you say it good wellYou don’t want the point of your communication your message to be undermined by common grammatical errors. Have a look Look at this example: “The executive committee approved the new public policy, policy and revised the training manual for next year’s meeting was revised. After having lain laid down the policy, the committee chairman not only sent out not only an email explaining the policy to all employees but also offered her time to answer any questions. In the The policy description, it provides several tips on how to prevent co-worker coworker conflict.” As you can see, minor edits can make writing much more smooth smoother. To avoid embarrassment, a presentation you should always present copy that is be free of spelling errors and typos and is grammatically correct. In spite of the fact that Although a presentation may only last for only an hour, the impression it leaves can linger and affect your impact. So make sure your writing is always flawless!

Proofreading Sample

You know what you want to say—now you need to insure ensure you say it well. You don’t want your message to be undermined by common grammatical errors. Look at this example: “The executive committee approved the new pubic public policy and revised the training manual for next year’s meeting. After having laid down the policy policy, the committee chair not only sent out an email explaining the policy to all employees but also offered her time to answer any questions. The policy description provide provides several tips on how to prevent coworker conflict. As you can see, minor edits can make wirting writing much smoother. To avoid embarassment, embarrassment, you should always present copy that is free of spelling errors and typos any and is grammatically correct. Although a presentation may last for only an hour, the impression it leaves can linger and effect affect your impact. So make sure your writing is always flawless!